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Parkening Plays Bach

Popular compositions of J.S. Bach in transcriptions by Andrés Segovia, John Williams, Rick Foster and Christopher Parkening.  One of Parkening’s most popular and best-selling recordings.

  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Cantata 147) (J.S. Bach, trans. Rick Foster)
  • Gavotte (Sonata VI for violin, E major partita) (Bach, trans. Andrés Segovia)
  • Prelude I (The Well-tempered Clavier) (Bach, trans. Christopher Parkening)
  • Prelude VI (The Well-tempered Clavier) (Bach, trans. Parkening)
  • Prelude IX (The Well-tempered Clavier) (trans. Parkening, Christopher Amelotte)
  • Sheep May Graze (Cantata 208) (Bach, trans. Foster)
  • Prelude (Bach, trans. Segovia) and Allegro (Bach, trans. John Williams) (Prelude, Fugue and Allegro in E flat major for clavier, original for lute)
  • Gavotte I & II (Cello Suite V) (Bach, trans. Parkening)
  • Gavotte I & II (Cello Suite VI) (Bach, trans. Segovia)
  • Sleepers, Awake (Cantana 140) (trans. Parkening)
  • Sarabande and Variations (G.F. Handel, arr. Parkening)
  • Minuet in D ("Samson") (Handel, arr. Parkening)
  • Giga (Robert D. Visée, arr. Parkening)
  • Passacaglia (Sylvius Leopold Weiss, arr. Parkening)
  • Les Barricades mysterieuses (Ordres, Book II) (François Couperin, arr. Parkening)
  • Preambulo and Allegro vivo (Alessandro Scarlatti)